The Backyard Harvest

The Backyard Harvest

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Container gardening is not only a rewarding hobby but also a fantastic way to grow a bountiful harvest of veggies, fruits, and herbs all year long. If you have always wanted to grow your own food but do not have space, container gardening is for you. If you love to pick fresh herbs from your kitchen window to fortify your favorite dishes with, container gardening is for you. If creating a beautiful outdoor living area sounds like fun, container gardening is for you.

Once you start growing plants in containers you won’t want to stop. Container plants are easy to maintain and are so flexible that you can move them inside, outside and all around your home depending on the season and your needs.

One of the greatest things about container gardening is that you can be as creative as you want to be. The sky is really the limit when it comes to growing plants in pots. Once you have the basics down like great soil, drainage, the right size container, and appropriate location, you can step it up a notch and let your creativity fly.

Don’t worry about needing a green thumb to be successful either. Follow my simple tips and you too can make beautiful container arrangements and grow boatloads of your favorite fruits, herbs, and veggies right on your deck, balcony or even in a sunny room in your home.

Container gardening doesn’t have to break your bank either. This book features some of my favorite recycled container projects. I picked many of these containers up at garage sales and thrift shops. Remember, if you can put dirt in it and it drains… it will work!

I hope that this book serves as an inspiration for many amazing projects yet to be born and you have as much fun making these container gardens as I did!

Happy container gardening!



Susan Patterson is a Certified Master Gardener and Certified Health Coach, with a passion for sustainable living. She is an author with published natural health and horticulture books and thousands of online articles. When she is not getting her hands dirty, Susan can be found enjoying the great outdoors in the southwest, pursuing her photography hobby, or making recycled art projects with her husband Thomas.


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