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Instant Box Miracle Garden

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Have you been growing food for your family using traditional gardening methods? Perhaps you are new to gardening and not really sure where to start. Or, maybe you're even using some new and exciting methods to grow more food in a smaller space. If you have even a passing interest in growing a bountiful harvest, full of fresh and delicious food, I have something that I want to share with you.

Today I want to talk to you about an incredibly easy gardening technique that anyone can master no matter what level of gardening experience they have. That’s right, box gardening is not some trendy garden fad that will soon pass by, but rather a time tested way to simply grow the most food possible in a very, very small space without tons of back breaking work or time.

I started growing food for my family many years ago in an effort to ensure the quality and guarantee that we always had fresh, local and delicious food available. Growing your own food means it is not only full of flavor but also nutrients.

Studies show that the average distance food travels to get to your plate is 1,500 miles; MUCH is lost in this journey. The fewer miles traveled, the better the food will taste and the more nutrients it will contain.

While most big corporations are using genetically modified seed and spraying insane amounts of chemicals on crops, you don’t have to do that at home when you grow your own garden.

If you currently live off store-bought food including fresh fruits and veggies found at your local supermarket, it is likely that you are consuming GMOs and dangerous pesticides and herbicides that can be detrimental to your health. What is worse is that the use of GMOs is also contributing to increased pesticide and herbicide resistance, driving farmers to apply increasing amounts of these chemicals to their crops.

From a health perspective, there is mounting evidence pointing to the toxic side effects that these foods can have. Researchers are finding that consumption of genetically modified foods can lead to reproductive and immunity problems and affect major organs like the liver and kidneys. Because GMOs are relatively new to the food chain, there is much that is not known about the impact they can have on health and this is a huge issue in itself.

Again, this is just one VERY good reason to grow your own food. The fact that box gardening makes it so easy is even better.

Plants that are grown in a box garden are exceedingly high quality, take up less space and use fewer resources than traditional methods. Box gardening techniques make it super simple to grow a ton of fresh and delicious fruits, herbs and vegetables in a very small space making gardening a possibility for apartment dwellers, people with small backyards or even those with a sunroom where they can grow much indoors